Thursday, January 28, 2010

Week 1 post first workout

Thoughts still in week 1.

1. The Food Diet-

I went from never eating breakfast to eating a crap ton of egg whites and oatmeal every morning around 7am. I went from eating two meals a day and never being hungry to about 5-6 small meals a day and always feeling hungry needing/craving breakfast.

Is the food part doable? Yes. Is it what I want to be eating? No. I imagine I would rather have Indian food (G'raj Mahal or Taj Palace), Thai food (Thai Fresh), Mexican food (Trudy's or Maudies), sushi (Suzi's or Piranhas), and all other kinds of tasty food (P.Terry's, Omelettry, Torchy's etc). But all in all, the food part of this training/program is 100% about willpower, and I have plenty of that. So I see no problems, no slip-ups, no failures, no hard times when it comes to this half of the procedure. I got the food part in the bag.

2. The Working Out-

Yeah. So apparently I am in awful shape. I had all the willpower, and the dedication to do every exercise my trainer asked, but unlike the diet, willpower alone didn't get me there. To be honest, it was frustrating, embarrassing, disheartening, and I had to keep frustration tears from shedding a few times. The thoughts in my head were "come on Flo, are you serious? what's the matter with you, this is easy." In school, I was great at every sport (except running which is not a sport, but instead simple torture). But now, at age 27, with two bad knees, a hip that pops as I walk, no muscles, and what seems like no lung capacity- I am no longer great.

I did my best though, and as I type the word best and compare it to what I did yesterday, I again hang my head down. But, the silver lining is I have confidence that Mariah will figure out how to get my best to be a million times better than last night.

Till Next Week.


  1. It will be tough but so worth it!!!
    You will do it!!

  2. I have the (mostly) opposite problem. I do find a lot of the exercises difficult because they are something I've never done before...and then there is the weak back. But the food is sooooo hard for me to resist! I salivate at the thought of bread. Ultimately though, I think about how I put on 15 lbs in the last 5 years. Not a trend I want to keep. It's a life style change and we can do it together! Come to my place on Tues and Thurs for lunch and skip going out. And you have the most will and determination out of any person that I know. You can do it!!!