Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Week 1

The Players:

The Left Corner: Me.- Flo. Someone who used to be physically active (but never thin), and has not been on that wagon consistently since high school.

The Right Corner: Mariah MacDonald, my trainer over @ http://www.revelationfit.com/

The Challenge:

Do everything my trainer says- including work out 6 times a week, and follow a diet, and complete a 5k.

The Rewards:

11% Body Fat. Size 4/6. Trip to Cozumel. Bad Ass Body.

The Stakes:

My Pride. My Body. My Pride. My Health. And Pride.

The Reason:

Got married over a year ago so its not for that. My ten year reunion is coming up but I probably wont go, so its not for that. So why? To see if I can. To give myself a challenge. And to go to the beach for the first time in my life and not feel attached to my bathing suit cover up.

Blog Posts:

The goal will be at least one update a week. That's doable. Its just 12 updates. I can do that. Will I post pictures? ha. maybe.



  1. awesome! good luck and I wish you the best. if you need tough love to "motivate" you, call me ;-)