Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Week 10

Down 23lbs. There is a light at the end but it still seems so far away. I have two more weeks of working out with Mariah. And oh my god, I am so tired! I have politely asked her if we could do some workouts that were not all "balls to the wall." She said "No." .....Great....

I'll say it again. The food part is really easy for me. I have discipline. I can handle another 5 weeks of eating this way. It is just about willpower. But the exercises, man oh man, it is getting harder and harder.

Saturday I have my first 5k. As a non runner, I am pretty nervous and excited about it.

2 more freaking weeks of this - I can do it! Right?

Also, I know how to jump rope now. :)

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